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Kiteboards/Foil Boards

Kitboards for sale for strapless freeriding-Foil boards and foils for beginner to advanced riders
STABLE ENTRY LEVEL FOIL WITH GREAT LOW SPEED LIFTThis Pump foil is the ideal foil for learning to prone foil surf, ride downwind swell, wake surf or sup.With the high surface area, this foil has amazing lift allowing the rider to foil at lower speeds.  Taking flight for the first time will be a..
฿31,490 ฿34,990
Ex Tax:฿29,430
Pump Foil Board 5'6PRONE, TOW, SUP,  SURF & WAKE.  Under a safety-conscious skin this is a top of the line carbon foil board wrapped with an impact-resistant, crocodile skin EVA soft skin.  Performance without the drama.We’ve all seen the nasty foil accidents or damaged ..
฿20,700 ฿23,000
Ex Tax:฿19,346
Pump Foil Board 6'2PRONE, TOW, SUP,  SURF & WAKE.  A versatile board which can be used in the surf or used to surf the wake, supping and downwind.The bottom starts with a subtle V through the nose that provides minimal stick during touchdowns.  The rails are hard, allowing qu..
฿20,700 ฿23,000
Ex Tax:฿19,346
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