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In the beginning…… back in the age when all sorts of surfing equipment launched along Sydney’s beaches, two of HB’s first sanders were kneeboarders. We all know that a shaper is only as good as his sander, so, the leap from grinding edges and fins was not that giant for Steve Artis and later Albert Whiteman stepping into the shaping bay. The kneeboard tradition continued through Mike Novakov and Simon Farrer, multiple Australian and World Title winners, surfers who have a completely different perspective on wave-riding.

HB is proud to be launching a kneeboard re-generation with two eclectic models designed by Michael Novakov. Nov is a 4 times World Kneeboard Surfing Champion and has arguably ridden more waves at North Narrabeen than anyone. His radical and innovative surfing has been instrumental in developing these two unique designs.

The Slab Kneeboard The slab is an exciting small to medium wave board that combines speed with easy, radical turning and lip bouncing.5'6" x 24 1/4" x 2 7/8" comes with FCS II performer thruster fin set leash, wax, fins included In the beginning…… back in the age when all sorts of surfing equipmen..
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