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Pump Wood Inset SUP Fin 9 inch

Pump Wood Inset SUP Fin 9 inch
Pump Wood Inset SUP Fin 9 inch
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Pump Wood Inset SUP Fin 9 inch

Size 9"

Designed for maneuverability, the area is distributed throughout the fin which helps with bumps, white caps or while surfing. The middle part of the fin bulges out to help with the board getting pushed side to side by the wind.  The more upright design allows the board to pivot more cleanly.

Pump Fibreglass Longboard Fin: Pump Surfboard Fins are straight out of Australia’s surfing and surf innovation heartland of Burleigh Heads, Queensland. Offering the most advanced designs, quality materials, performance templates and high tech manufacturing technology.


  • Produced using top of the range resins and fibre glass cloth
  • Incredible strength with minimal weight
  • Resin Transfer moulding
  • All Foils computer Designed
  • Tested by Pro riders worldwide




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