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Hex Core/Carbon Fibreglass Fin Set-P5-Red

Hex Core/Carbon Fibreglass Fin Set-P5-Red
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Hex Core/Carbon Fibreglass Fin Set-P5-Red
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Pump Hex Core Fibreglass Carbon Fin Set-  Precision cut. 
Pump Surfboard Fins are straight out of Australia’s surfing and surf innovation heartland of Burleigh Heads, Queensland. 
Offering the most advanced designs, quality materials, performance templates and high tech manufacturing technology.

  • Produced using top of the range resins and fibre glass cloth
  • Hex core for incredible strength with minimal weight
  • Resin Transfer moulding
  • All Foils computer Designed
  • Tested by Pro riders worldwide
Fin Overview
all-round fin for a wide range of surfers, particularly good in critical overhead waves.
flat foil on the side fins delivering fast, controlled directional changes. 
for surfers who like to attack the wave and surf with energy and power on critical sections.


The P3 fin is Based on the FCS G3. One of the smallest and lightest fins in the range. Mostly used for groms, lightweight surfers and quads. Suitable for 1 to 6 foot waves.

Base: 103.86 mm
Height: 109.97 mm 
Rake: 60.4 degrees

The P5 fin is Based on the FCS G5, great all round fin for everyday use, beach breaks and mid-weight surfers. Incorporating a tip wash out to help prevent tip stalling on low speed off the lip turns.
Offers a fuller foil for more drive

Base: 110.88mm
Height: 116.02mm
Rake: 62.8 degrees



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