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Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'

Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
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Foos 7'6" Surfboard 'Fontana'
A fine mini Malibu shape, really popular today, needs to be in all surfer’s quivers.

The outline follows its Malibu parent, nose a classic trim shape, going out the back into a squash tail.

Balanced and performance rocker curve great for turning.

The nose starts with a slight convex into flat before middle to a medium depth double concave with V out the tail making the board quick rail to rail responsiveness.

From 1-5 feet to over head high waves.

Riding versatility for a beginner or expert, pure enjoyment as this board is a great wave catcher, get all you want and be first up on your feet.

Tri fins thruster set up w/ FCS II Glass Flex fins

Length: 7’-6”
Thickness: 2 7/8”
Width: 21”

Volume 48 Liters

WildWood Surfboard Construction
A green, environmentally conscious construction, created with a heart for performance and always respecting flex and durability . . . .

The rails give expanded flex from composited Paulownia and in longboards
an addition of bamboo is laid in. 

Wood nose and tail blocks are joined with the rails for strength.
The nose blocks and rail configuration generates the greatest spring and pop

For the deck and bottom a renewable Paulownia sheet skin which is not only attractive but dimensionally stable and not subject to warping or splitting. It even resists water with its waxy cell structure.

The boards include high grade EPS foam and fiberglass cloths and epoxy resins.

High density PVC inserts around all plug and fin box inserts.


Genuine FCS 11 glass flex fins (set of 3)

Comes with a free leash and wax

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