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Creatures of Leisure 6.3 Retro/Fish Double Surfboard Bag

Creatures of Leisure 6.3 Retro/Fish Double Surfboard Bag
Creatures of Leisure 6.3 Retro/Fish Double Surfboard Bag
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  • Weight: 3.00kg
  • SKU: SBbagcreatures
  • UPC: UPC1031
  • MPN: CR2063GYCH

Creatures of Leisure 6'3" Retro Double Surfboard Bag
Holds one surfboard with fins or two without fins - size 6'3" x 22"

  • 10mm Closed Cell FOAM padding
  • DIAMOND-TECH fabric
  • Marine Grade Corrosion resistant – PK Nylon Zipper
  • X-FLOW Air Ventilation System
  • EVA reinforced padded carry handle with Neoprene lining on the underside for added comfort
  • Ergonomic Mesh Lined shoulder strap with 10mm Foam internal padding
  • Lengthened Zipper – Flip Lid construction for easy packing
  • Metal reinforced shoulder strap clip
  • 12 month warranty

The world’s best fitting boardcovers.
The key to SLIM FIT’s success is the expandable sidewall - its unique design has allowed excess material from the remainder of the cover to be trimmed away, reducing the overall size by 20%. In addition, a SLIM FIT cover tightly encases the board/s inside, providing improved protection without unnecessary bulk or weight.

SLIM FIT is a registered design & another world first innovation from CREATURES.

STASH STRAP is an adjustable shoulder strap that's permanently attached to the boardcover and stashed away in a slimline pocket when not in use.

It's the world's first shoulder strap you can't lose.
The pocket is velcro sealed allowing the strap to slide in and out as required - so it's there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.
STASH STRAP is a registered design and another world first innovation, invented by CREATURES

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